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Die other modernity - Attilio Terragni

10.12.2015, 18:30 Uhr

Lipsius-Bau, Li145

07.12.2015, Verfasser: Fakultät Architektur und Sozialwissenschaften

Questions, like buildings, are built with materials taken from anywhere.

When I was young, I “built” mine: why does architecture of the past always look better than contemporary architecture? How come that the ancient images of cities and buildings can no longer be found in the books of our present world?

I tried to find an answer, as I was searching for a song, a movie, or a television show….

Exploring this question of identity, I found that today´s projects are more efficient, connected, offer parking for cars, often have beautiful stained glass windows, well ventilated kitchens and other commodities, but.... but they no longer care for the beings that inhabit them.

I was told, that modernity has killed this nostalgic notion and that modernity was to make us free from old values. But this is not true. In my search, I discovered that there is another  “modernity”, unlike any other, the search in which I could change and transform myself again and sense unpredictable and spherical dimensions of human experience. From this point on, today, I glimpse into the future, away from the painful questions about the end of architecture.

on Attilio Terragni:http://www.studioterragni.com; on Giuseppe Terragni Archiv:http://www.archivioterragni.it/


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